Welcome to Ensenada

Ensenada offers a different dimension to long range sport fishing because the charter boats leave between 1am & 2am in the morning and return at 6pm in the evening. Shorter travel time allows fishermen more time to take in some of the other great experiences that Ensenada has to offer regarding dining, shopping and nightlife entertainment.



 We offer three basic types is fishing trips:

  • Local Fishing 7am - 3pm

  • Santo Thomas Reef 5am - 4pm

  • Longe Range 2am - 6pm


 Many of the charter boats work exclusively with us. Your reservations contact is in direct contact with the charters owners 24 hours a day and handles everything from beginning to end. No worries, no guessing and NO MEXICO HORROR STORIES. All reservations are handled via U.S.A. and we work day and night north and south of the border.