Rest in Peace Amigo Pescador

I first met Jorge Villanueva on the docks behind the fish market in Ensenada. I was looking to connect with him to begin what has turned into a ten year business relationship booking charters (Wahoo Pangas & Wahoo Supreme) for him. I watched Jorge build his business by adding the Wahoo Too and eventually the Wahoo Supreme a twenty eight foot Luhrs sportfisher. I spoke to Jorge several times a week via radio as I do with many of the charter captains to get the latest reports on sport fishing to post online, so I knew him well. Jorge was a truly gifted fisherman and knew the Todo Santos Islands as good if not better than anyone in Ensenada. I have always said he ranked in Ensenada's top two when it comes to fish counts because I am the guy that keeps track. Jorge's word was always as good as gold and trust was never an issue. He was as likable guy as you can meet, worked very hard and loved fishing.
Jorge passed away May 9th 2013 from a heart attack, his always smiling face and happy go lucky spirit will be missed.
Rest in peace amigo,